Don’t Monkey With the Lone Ranger…


This picture above is a still from my 1968 film “Medium Cool” it heads this article titled:  “‘Medium Cool’ is Still the Most One-Of-A-Kind Movie Ever Made.”

In this clip from “Four Days in Chicago”, 2012, citizens were demonstrating, in protest against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and their war making policy.

In ’68 and now, when our war making policy seems threatened, the full force of militarized police and Homeland Security makes themselves visible under the guise of protecting our security.

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  1. Haskell, you are the greatest Film Director. Medium Cool and Four Days in Chicago let America know John Wayne did not speak for all Americans during the Vietnam era.
    They were beautiful, moving, exciting, motivating – in short
    fabulous miracles of filmaking (and peace agit prop+).
    Bill Floyd 424-744-6175
    Pres. and new

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