Beyond Mid-Term Election Babble…



What’s the Alternative Beyond Mid-Election Babble? We all know:

“…the financial state promotes a form of ideological terrorism and the key issue is how to expose it, and dismantle its cultural apparatuses of communication, new political formations, and ongoing collective educational and political struggles.”

“The established press is playing up Obama’s claim that he is willing to cooperate with the Republican Party as if this represents a new stage of partisanship among both parties. What is missed in this rush to judgment is that these parties have been cooperating for years on maintaining the privileges of the ultra-rich, corporations and bankers, while at the same time punishing the poor, unions, the working class, immigrants and poor minorities of color. The only major difference between these parties is that the Republicans wage naked class warfare without any apologies or political concessions while the Democrats offer a few painkillers to soften the blow. In some cases, Democratic leaders such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama outdid their Republican counterparts in consolidating class power, while imposing enormous hardships and misery on the poor and middle class.”

I think many people, not just liberal left know this to be the case.  The tough thing is to convince American people that there are no other alternatives.

Writer Paul Buchheit, points out we seem to accept the market should govern all of social life, including politics itself and that the governments only role is to protect the interests of the super rich.

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