Haskell on CIA Torture

Please see this nine minute film. I hope it makes you think about media deception and how there is absence of accountability for criminal acts by those in power.

Is it true that there are good tortures and bad tortures? Is it dependent on who does the act and on what stated purpose? Is it true there are good people who commit terrorist acts against designated “bad” people?

One thing is crystal clear, we, the U.S. are the “good” guys. They, because of who they are, are “bad”. The despicable killing act of terrorism – whether it is a suicide bomber with primitive explosives on his back, or a drone military man sending sophisticated missiles on a family meeting in another country, in both cases the act is a crime that is perpetuating us into a never ending violence.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this film, I have watched it and provided the link to all of my friends and family to also watch.

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