James Foley…

What was done to Jim Foley hit me deeply and personally. I can’t be sure whether the viewpoint I am presenting here comes too profoundly out of the video. I would appreciate comments.

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  1. Abbey Lustgarten

    Hi Haskell!
    You’ve cut together a very strong case here for what’s wrong with the way the government is using Jim Foley to further their pursuit. I learned from watching your piece how to reframe and reconsider what’s being presented to us.

    I think the trick with ISIS is that they function strongest through global media. And what you’ve shown is that our government is fueling their fire. That is, the fire that is ISIS. You’ve revealed truth about James Foley’s beliefs that most everyone, except those close to him, are not aware of. And perhaps, perhaps, the government didn’t know this either. But even if they had, it wouldn’t have mattered. Hearts and minds, right? If the US government through mass media can pull at our heartstrings, then they have us in the palm of their hand to create the “other” and attack full throttle.

    ISIS scares the heck out of me. It’s deeply disturbing stuff. You’re very strong to have pieced this together about James Foley and what our government is unconcerned with.

    Keep on fighting the good fight, Haskell.

  2. Wow, Haskell, you’ve been busy!

    This is really powerful. You found some great stuff. I think it’s really effective to let James speak for himself. His words and his actions there in Chicago tell us what he would think about this policy of endless airstrikes.

    It’s so painfully ironic that, as his said, he was interested in how people are categorized as “the other,” and how the dehuminization that occurs is extremely dangerous. And now, of course, our government uses his death as propaganda to further that very sense of dehuminization, to justify further war.

    I’m so happy that you’re being honored in France, Haskell, and that you’re sending this video. Spread it as far as you can. People should see it.

  3. Dear Haskell,
    I am deeply moved and impressed by your engagement and “civil courage” big, big respect and chapeau!
    Christian Berger

  4. Dear Mr. Wexler, I love to get in contact with you about your work in Hollywood and especially about working with actress Barbara Nichols. Do you remember working with her on “The Loved One” (1965)?
    Best wishes from Holland, Richard

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