Longer hours, longer hours






If the proposed union contract that was “negotiated” by our union leadership is ratified, everyone will have to work even more hours, more hours in the day, to qualify for the all important health plan the union provides. We will be required to further jeopardize our health, our very lives, to even be able to qualify for the plan coverage which is supposed to benefit us. There may well be more injury and death in our industry as workers try to preserve their health and safety, working under a new contract that does neither.

Hollywood box office up 2% to $9.78 BILLION GROSS.

Ratify the proposed contract today, and beginning in two short years YOU will need to work 33% more hours just to keep yourself and your family covered under the Motion Picture Health Plan.

Then, kiss your Bank of Hours goodbye.

Our new contract merits a resounding “NO” vote from the rank-and-file.
Send our negotiators back to the bargaining table by rejecting the proposed 2009-12 contract!

Visit 400 HOURS.com  to learn more about why you should vote “NO,” and make sure that every single friend and colleague in the IATSE does the same.

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