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Are YOU still going to qualify for health care under the contract that we are about to vote on? The AMPTP wants to Raise the number of hours to qualify for Health Insurance from 300 to 400 hours.

The AMPTP told our negotiators that at least 10% (or a minimum of 3,500)  IA members and their families currently covered by the medical plan have to be dropped, because of “projected” losses. This doesn’t even count the ones who currently do not qualify under the 300 hour minimum.

Many of our members will lose their Health Care if this is passed.  
If the contract is passed, your 
bankable hours will NOT increase.
WE will NEVER get the 300 hours back if we lose them now.

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  1. I strongly appose the new 400 hour rule. This will directly impact my family. This is just plain uncool. No 2 ways about it.

  2. Stan McClain

    Do any of you remember the popularity poll results from the Nixon Administration during the Watergate proceedings? … The White House released reports to the press which demonstrated a landslide opinion in favor of the President, yet virtually everyone you spoke to was displeased with him. This round of Union negotiations is reminiscent of those days gone by. So far, the overwhelming members’ view does not support the cut and dry 400 hour endorsement made by the negotiation team. More importantly the members are displeased that it was endorsed by the administration, prior to even discussing it with the membership. It was “presented” to the membership with the demeanor of a prison guard serving a jailhouse lunch to fresh inmates.

    It appears that the majority of Local 600’s membership is deeply troubled with the proposed contract and they are soul searching and sincerely trying to comprehend the long term effects of the negations. Overwhelmingly, each individual person can’t find it in their heart to vote Yes.

    The accumulation of all the No votes will probably be the dominate voice of the Union members. The big question is how will the Local 600 Administration deal with the member’s request? Perhaps now is the time for the Administration to start working on a “Plan B”. The members will need for them to work TOGETHER and present a new plan before a second round of negotiations begins. The members will want serious and sincere representation. The big question is not if the Local 600 negotiation team is willing and able to fight for the membership’s needs, but are they capable of taking a 180° turn with an open mindset? That is the question for both the members and the administration to plonder.

    Make no mistake… the confidence in the current administration is critically low. It’s up to them to sit quietly and listen with great care to each individual as they come forward with their views. Now is the time for the administration to listen…not dictate.

    Stan McClain,
    Past President, SOC

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