Obama’s Non-Visit to China

U.S. Forces at Korean Demilitarized Zone - Joint Security Area

For his third personal visit to Asia, President Obama will visit the Demilitarized Zone in Korea.  The DMZ is the most heavily militarized border in the world.

Is the president’s personal presence at the DMZ so critical to the American people that it deserves to be given such high priority over the myriad of critical issues which need addressing?

The DMZ is 160 miles by 2.5 miles.  Both sides of its border are patrolled by about 1 million North Korean soldiers, 600,000 South Korean soldiers, and 37,000 American soldiers.

Obama insists that his Asia trip “is all about jobs” (NY Times), yet the same article says the President’s visits are about one challenge: the rise of China on land and sea.

“On a previous visit, he went to India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan — and, of course, his non-visit to China in many ways dominated the whole tour.” (The Week)

The Economist notes Obama’s task is to reassure Asia that the U.S. will keep China’s ambitions in check.

“Prickly nationalists” in China are the ones who state U.S. encirclement of China sure “looks fishy.”

If a heavily armed force from a country 3,000 miles away anchored itself along the Mexican border, training Mexican troops and installing 37,000 of their own troops there, would the U.S. feel suspicious?

Is this the way to a more peaceful world?

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  1. Haste makes waste.

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