I’m going over to my daughter Kathy’s house tonight to celebrate the first day of Passover. I said “celebrate” even though God did a bad thing. He put a plague on the Egyptian people, and I guess Israeli Jews celebrate that because God did it for a good thing – he freed Israel from slavery. So I guess God can do bad things to some of his people because he thinks it’s for his good cause. And he is a Jewish God who noticed the blood of the lamb on our doors. Good we signed up with Him.

Tonight I will feel sorry for the Jews who, in the desert, couldn’t eat bread the way they used to, but had to eat unleavened bread. But what the hell, they were out from under the Pharaoh’s slavery. Maybe some of them were even sorry that God had to kill some regular Egyptians who were their friends.

I have a suggestion for my American compañero Jews who may not have any lamb blood available: put a poster saying “99%” on Jewish houses, and be certain that every other house, shack, tent, or inhabited cave in the world has the sign up so God, if he needs reminding, will know we are all God’s children.

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  1. Pithy, eloquent, and thoroughly right on statement!!


  2. Daniel J. Nyiri

    Thank you, Haskell! I think what you’ve written is an absolutely fitting and loving commemoration of Passover. If I remember correctly, the Pharao’s heart was hardened, or the Jewish people would not have been willing to leave. Egypt had an open immigration policy, then as now: anybody and everybody was welcome to live there, but on one condition: they had to permanently give up their dignity, freedom and human rights.

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