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Cell phones and the law

I purchased a handsfree device for use with my cell phone, to comply with the new law, and this is a good thing that will benefit us all. Talking on a cell phone while driving is still not the best thing to do but the handsfree operation will help to focus on driving, hopefully avoiding accidents that not only could harm me but jeopardizes everyone else on the road.

     In L.A., every day of the week, hundreds of people leave work, get in their cars, and put themselves and lots of other people on the road, at high risk of accidents, injury and death, and this is attributable to something much more dangerous and widespread than talking on a cell phone. All of the movie and television crew people who leave work after having worked routinely 14 or 15 hours a day, are getting out on the road in an impaired state, chronically sleep deprived, more impaired and less capable of driving safely than even if they had been drinking — and there is no law against this, yet. It is a well documented fact that over 50% of all accidents involve drowsy driving.

Officer Phil had some personal words to say in this clip from “Who Needs Sleep?” prepared for use by the National Sleep Foundation.

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